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Step Sister
Private Build, All-Mahogany
Step Sister
Private Build,
The Step Sister All Mahogany features a chambered African Mahogany body, coupled with a Honduran Mahogany neck and a Pau Ferro fingerboard, plus the signature nickel-plated B&G brass bridge and tailpiece.
The slightly shorter body shape compared to the Little Sister joins the neck at the 16th fret, and the fingerboard extends to 22 frets. The slimmer, yet equally robust neck heel grants the easiest access up to the last fret. A nimble, agile, sleek guitar.

The key difference with all other Step Sisters is the wood top, made in African Mahogany. As all Mahogany topped guitars, the Step Sister delivers a very focused tone, with a vocal midrange quality and a rounded, sweetened top end. The fundamental tone is pronounced, while the harmonic spectrum is slightly in the background. The slight dryer tone shines in translating the dynamics of the playing style. If played aggressively, the Step Sister All Mahogany is also capable of a raunchier “in your face” attitude.

The hand-wound, unpotted P90 pickups are just perfect for the Step Sister All Mahogany, with their balance between warmness and raw, throaty grit, and unmatched airy quality. If you need absolute quietness in your tone, you can choose the hum-canceling Kikbuckers, for a very similar tone, slightly more solid and focused. If ordered with the vintage-style Humbuckers, the Step Sister All Mahogany gains an additional openness, unusual for humbucking-style pickups, that cuts through the mix, and a rich, warm lower midrange.
The brass hardware – bridge, tailpiece, back cover and pickups covers – is nickel plated for a subtle and elegant look, further enhanced by the open-pore Nitro finish.




ボディ厚さ: 1.75" / 4.45cm

ボディ長さ: 17.2" / 43.7cm

ボディ幅: 13" / 33cm

裏板木材: マルチピース・アフリカンマホガニー

トップ材: アフリカン・マホガニー


テイルピース: B&G Solid Brass, Nickel-Plated

ブリッジ: B&G Solid Brass ABR, Nickel-Plated

ピックガード: Not included (sold separately)

チューニングマシン: Gotoh

弦: Ernie Ball 0.10-0.46


ナット幅: 1.68” / 42.8mm or 1.75" / 44.3mm by request

ナット: TUSQ

1フレットの厚さ: 0.89” / 22.6mm ( ※オプション: 0.86”/21.5 mm )

ネック厚さ(12フレット): 0.98” / 24.9mm ( ※オプション: 0.95”/ 23.5 mm )

スケール全長: 24 3/4”

指板R: 12”

ネックジョイント: 14フレット

フレット付: 22

ネック材: ホンジュラス・マホガニー

フィンガーボード: Pau Ferro

フレットワイヤー: 幅 0.080インチ(2.032mm) クラウン 0.050インチ(1.27mm)

インレイ: パーロイド

B&G オリジナル ソフトVシェイプ
B&G オリジナル ソフトVシェイプ
 / Custom

トラスロッド: ワンウェイ・トラディショナル・トラスロッド


ピックアップ: P90s/Humbuckers/ Kikbuckers The Kikbuckers is a new design by B&G co-founder Yotam (Kiki) Goldshtein. This design delivers a sound character of singles, but with hum cancellation. all hand-wound by B&G 50’s style, unpotted by default or wax-potted by request.

ポテンショメーター(ポット): CTS 500k

トグルスイッチ: Switchcraft 3-way

Jack: Switchcraft

弦: 50's Style


全長: 7.7 - 8.8 lbs / 3500-4000 gr


全長: 38.9" / 987mm


塗装: Nitrocellulose, Open-Pore


価格: $3490
支払条件: 注文時に頭金US$790をお支払いただき、残金はギター塗装が完了した時点のご請求となります。

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現時点での予想発送時期: March-April 2019